Terms and Conditions

mive.uk allows you to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers on any shortened URL. Please remember that mive.uk directs you to content that is already in existence on the internet. This is not content hosted by mive.uk.

Our policies

Do not use this service for spamming or linking to content that may harm other users.

Do not use mive.uk for URLs that are either executable/package files (like .apk, .dmg, .exe, .zip, etc.) or that contain only IP addresses, or for shortening URL re-directors (either off mive.uk or via other URL shortening services).

Any such use may result in the mive.uk link being disabled. We may also choose to report to appropriate authorities.


mive.uk is designed for the explicit use of MineVendor services and nothing else, whilst you can choose to link to other content mive.uk will only accept responsibility to dead links going towards any MineVendor.com Domain.

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